Dark phoenix effect Photoshop action tutorial and free Download action

Download free Dark Phoenix Photoshop action and create your own picture with burning effect, in this tutorial I will give you free Photoshop action file to create awesome Dark Phoenix effect to any picture, before play the action you need to apply some changes to create this effect. 

Before apply the Dark Phoenix action 
Image setting and panel setting. 

click on image on top of  your Photoshop version, then select mode. in this mode setting make sure to apply RGB color and 8bit channel. 

 then click on panel option and make sure to keep setting just like below screenshot.

now we need to load action and action brushes, before download this action file. from below link.

                                                             Click Here to Download

How to load / upload the action files to Photoshop

after downloading the action file. extract the zip file and save it your own place. then click on brush icon. then find the brush setting. then you can simply upload the brush to your Photoshop version. select the load brush option then navigate the where you save Dark Phoenix photoshop action files. 

then we can load the action file after load the brush file. to load the action file click the window setting of Photoshop. then you will see pop up small window with Photoshop action files. then we can load the action file we did last time same as load brush file. find the setting icon on action . then load the action file navigating where you located the action file. 

How to use action

open a picture what you like to use this Dark Phoenix action. make sure to keep your picture locked layer and name it as background. then create a new layer and rename it brush . you need to use simple letters for this. thrn select a brush and draw what you want to make fire and storm on your picture,

then simply click on your action. then select the what you want to make storm side. up down or left right . then click the play button, wait couple of min, you will get awesome picture, like this one. 

To better understand watch this video 

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