Double Exposure Photoshop Tutorial - Easy and powerful!

Double Exposure Photo effect in Photoshop,so in this tutorial i am not going to teach you everything in one post. so you can watch the video if you cant touch some step using this post, how every Photoshop is a most powerful application to create awesome pictures,  in this post when rating i will create and free upload Photoshop double exposure action file free, so if you are enjoy this video, don't forget to give a comment or subscribe my YouTube channel. 

Just open your both pictures to create double exposure effect in Photoshop. you can use any of Photoshop application to crate this double exposure effect. i will call the model layer (man ) layer 01 and other trees layer to layer 02. if you are like to use black and white with color effect mix effect just like my picture make sure to do it first, i mean your model picture make it black and white effect. 

After import your pictures, you need to remove background (layer 01) . to remove background we can use easily quick selection tool. when you complete the select are what you like to keep in model layer then just click on mask icon in your model layer. then you will see the background was gone. 

next step is create a background layer. when we use the white background its easy and can get cool effect. so apply to the background use the solid layer method , then add the other (second picture ) to create double exposure effect in Photoshop. when we add the second picture we can simply press CTRL + T to transform and scale it. after placing it good place in main picture and use the lighten effect to create double exposure effect. you after creating it you will see borders in second picture, you can remove that unnecessary parts in eraser but dont forget to decrease harder 2% or 4% . if you watch the video tutorial you can get better experience . 
Use the color balance option to get better color effect to your picture. after completing this step you can jump to final step, select the second picture and apply the level effect and select again color increase two. then you will see final effect in this double exposure effect tutorial. 

Watch the video to get better experience 

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