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A Cool effect to your own picture in easy steps. no need to any Photoshop experience to create this awesome mixed art effect .you can use any of Photoshop version to create this awesome mixed art effect , but first you need to download all of action files. so i have created one zip file and all with action files. you can simply download this mixed art Photoshop action files free. 

after downloading mixed art Photoshop action file simply extract it, then you will find 3 files in a folder (1) brush file . (2) pattern file . (3) action file. 

you need to upload this 3 files to use this action. you can simply watch the below you tube video how to doing that. 
 watch this video to better understand

load brush files to Photoshop. first click on brush icon then you can see setting icon in brush preset. after clicking on this icon you will see the load brush option.

then you must to navigate location to where your file locate in your computer, after complete the upload brush file you need to upload patter file to Photoshop. click on edit > fill >  then you will see pop up screen . in this pop up screen click on setting icon and select pattern then simply upload patter files, 

same step now navigate the location to upload patterns. then upload the action file . window> action> upload action files, same setting, then you can use the action files, 

after completing upload setting you can use the mixed art Photoshop actions simply, make sure to keep original picture locked and name background, create a new layer and. called it brush , then in this brush layer draw what you like to keep in the picture, this simply click on play button, 

finally you get like this art 

if you have any t rubble please watch this video ,

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