Grunge Photoshop action| FREE download Photoshop actions

Grunge Photoshop action| FREE download Photoshop actions

Photoshop action is a best way to create a awesome effect without any knowledge how to use Photoshop. if you not interesting about Photoshop but like get cool design or good effect to your picture this is the solution for you. simply download and add Photoshop action files to your own Photoshop version then follow the steps How to use Photoshop action file in Photoshop. so in this post I like to share a cool effect Grunge Photoshop action| FREE download Photoshop actions.

Everyone can use this free Photoshop action file to any picture. its easy to use. just download the Photoshop action file given below download link. then follow the introductions and steps to install Photoshop action file and brushes. before run a Photoshop action file you must to convert your Photoshop version as English. if you are using a English version. don't worry the Photoshop actions will be fine.

How to run a Photoshop action?

Before run the Photoshop action file. you need to change your Photoshop version as English. if you using a English version of Photoshop No need to think about your version. First download the free Grunge Photoshop action given below link. the download link have some steps. then follow those and you can get the Grunge Photoshop action free.

Download free Photoshop action

load brush tool to run Photoshop action

After download the Grunge Photoshop action extract it. then you will find two files brush file and action file. place the action file and brush file if easily find folder. then on your Photoshop version, open the brush tool and find the setting button on brushes. then you will see load brush . click the load action option. then you get pop up screen and navigate the path when you place the brush file.

load action file to run Photoshop action 

Same way to load action file as brush file. you can find action play button top right Conner of you Photoshop version. some time cant to find it? then click the window option on your Photoshop version. then you have actions tool.
then follow the same way you have load brush file before.

Run the Grunge Photoshop action

Add the picture what you like to get Grunge effect. a good quality picture give a good effects,
make sure to keep picture layer locked and name background. then add new layer and rename it as brush  

then draw on picture ( when you create brush layer) what you like to keep part of picture. no need to draw lot of things on layer, just couple of drawing things. use the brush tool for this, you can use any of brush to follow this step. 

Final step and get a awesome Grunge effect 

select the action ( Grunge Photoshop action) then click the play button. after couple of minutes you get cool and awesome Grunge Photoshop action effect. 

To better understand watch the tutorial

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