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Looking for awesome Photoshop effect without any experience use to Photoshop? then this Photoshop action will help you to get awesome Grunge Photo effect. Photoshop Actions are invented to help make image editing easier and good finish .  Rather than editing your photos for hours, no need to waste your time to edit a picture with Photoshop. we are provide  free Photoshop Actions everyone can collect them and  apply effects in a single click to your any picture with Photoshop.  they automate routine tasks, and can add special effects to your Picture with Photoshop actions.  

How to run a Photoshop action?

It is a simply way . we must load brushes and action files then we can run action.with single click. when you click the play button to run Photoshop action you have wait couple of minutes. then you will get awesome Picture.
Download first Photoshop action file

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Download the free Photoshop action from this below link

You can download Grunge Photoshop action file from below link. some times it ask some questions, after complete it you can get it free. 

Simple introductions and path to run Grunge Photoshop action
(1) load the Grunge Photoshop brush

When you download the Grunge Photoshop action file. (zip file ) you will find Photoshop brush file and action file. to load the grunge Photoshop brush. click the brush icon and find the setting button o brush, and load the brush tool . see the picture below

(2) load action file ( same as brush file )
click windows>actions. then you will see pop up setting on corner screen.
then click setting and load the action. 

(3) Run the Grunge Photoshop action

make sure to keep picture layer locked and name background. then add new layer and rename it as brush  

in this brush layer we wanna draw want we  like to keep . when you see the picture when I had the brushes on. this is the area what I keep to like. if you add some picture you need to draw with brush what you like to keep.

the finnel step. select the Grunge action from Photoshop then click the play button. and wait for complete it. just thats all. if you like to more Photoshop actions. free stay with our you tube channel. thank you

 To better understand watch the video tutorial

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