How to Create Letter Portrait in Photoshop Photoshop Tutorial

Hey welcome to new Photoshop tutorial. in this post i will show you How to Create Letter Portrait  effect with Photoshop Tutorial step by step, 

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step 01
get the background picture and what you like to add text 

step 02
create a one single text. or what you like to text

step 03
remove background of the picture when you going to add to text

you can remove background using magic eareser tool. but some time the background color not single then you need to use quick selection tool to remove background. if you cant remove background please comment me below i will help you..

step 04
drag it to main layer, then change the size and place it in good position 

you can decrease opacity to placing picture to know and place in good position .

step 05

create  a clipping mark 

then you will see your picture in the letter.
so duplicate model layer / picture then  remove unwanted parts on the picture 

then add some text as you like . i mean tag line 

then merge layers . select all layer (only text layers first) (hold CTRL then select layers ) then press CTRL + E then all layer will be one single layer,

make sure to keep tag lines in one layer.
then get the blending option double clicking on the layer .then add drop shadow to all layer.. 

watch the video tutorial

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