Pop Out Photo Effect ▪️ Photoshop Tutorial ( Learn Photoshop )

In this tutorial you'll learn how to create the 3D pop-out photo effect in Photoshop. This effect makes it seem as if an object, or person is popping out from a photo.
Pop up effect in photoshop is easy edit with couple of minutes. when you like to design a picture out a hand or something with photoshop this is will help you. the Photoshop is a best place to design and edit what you imagine with your own mind. following some tutorials can you make a good designer with Photoshop. how ever I like to introduction the pop up effect with Photoshop tutorials.

Everyone loves to learn Photoshop. then how to learn easy way?

fallow me, in this tutorial i will show you how to get simply Pop Out Photo Effect ▪️by  Photoshop Tutorial, To begin, we need to duplicate the Background layer using the simple keyboard shortcut Ctrl+J (Windows) / Command+J(Mac os). how ever you can do it right cick on layer and rights options, then we have original Background layer and a copy of it, which Photoshop has named "Layer 1",or something what you like names,  we can called it step 01

Next, we need to add a new blank layer top of we create layer in first step it mean between the Background layer and "Layer 1".( we create layer in first step) So we already have "Layer 1" select,  then have to hold down my Ctrl (Windows)  key and then click on the New Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers like i shows as video tutorial below. we can called it step 02

there is a more steps here. you know a best way to lean Photoshop watch a video tutorials.

If you are interesting about after effect animations and free after effect templates. click the link below. 

after effect templates free downloads

watch the video tutorial to better understand how to create pop up effect with Photoshop. if you like to my channal please subscribe me for new videos, thank you

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