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Design your picture as polygon effect with picsArt. no need to pc or laptop to get this low polygon effect. just download the picsart mobile version with play store or app store. then you can start the edit pictures with mobile. if you are use picture to get ploygon effect you need to remove background first.
or you can simply brush unwanted polygon parts from eraser tool. so lets start.
create a canvas you are free to choose any size of background

after opening a background as canvas you can add your model picture to your big background. the you an remove background using eraser. in this tutorial I not going to erase background. because   I am using white background picture.
next step . add to low polygon effect.

to get low polygon effect before click the arrow mark on the top corner then click the edit then you
will drop to picture editing page on picsart.

then you can add more colors to picture , if you like to get coloring low polygon effect. or you can jump to low polygon effect. click the effect and select low polygon. then adjust the effects to enough.

remove background unwanted low polygon particle. now you get cool effect.

the better understand watch the video tutorial.

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